About Us
Catherine Reon, Principal Interior Design

Catherine has over 20 years experience in the field of interiors, staging, event planning, set design and building design. Her
ability to seamlessly move from retail to product lines, fabric lots to green houses, material yards to furniture storage lots,
tenant improvement to ground up, and concrete formwork to planning board makes her a clients asset on the project.
Catherine has an eye for design that puts her clients at ease knowing the intent to maintain quality within means of the
project criteria can be met. She pulls together an extensive knowledge of Architectural history, fashion, culture and context
to create spaces that compiment the clients needs and personality.

Kale Wisnia, Principal Architect

Kale has over 20 years of experience in the Industry of Architecture, Landscaping, Design and Construction. He has a broad
experience ranging from School Campuses in South Bay, Sacramento City Hall, Multi-Family throughout Northern
California, Mixed Use, Single Family, Mid-Rise Urban Development in Oakland, Specific Plans in Cotati, Commercial in
Sacramento County and City Proper and multiple California Healthcare and Hospital projects ranging from 150K to over 1M
square feet from Palo Alto, San Jose, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Vallejo and Sacramento. Kale's experience in both
Architecture and Construction lends itself to a different kind of integrated philosophy behind the process of project delivery.
With extensive training in Toyota Way, LEAN, Last Planner and Integrated Project Delivery systems along with an intimate
knowledge of OSHPD, BIM, Code Compliance and a high sense of design integrity Kale stands squarely on the line of
responsible and professional Architecture for Construction. While the careful planning of details are what makes a project
come together smoothly it is also critical to pay attention to the overall picture and people that must be involved during and
after the construct of place.